About CM Technology

What is CMT? CMT is a Global Service Provider specializing in LEO teleports and ground operations offering affordable high-speed, customized LEO tracking systems, antenna installation, maintenance services and flexible Service Level Agreements to include access to integrated worldwide teleport infrastructure and services used in a variety of communication and tracking applications.

CM Technology Inc. (CMT) Offers flexible contract options supporting high-speed Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network operations. Services include LEO Tracking Antenna Systems, installation, maintenance, licensing and LEO Spectrum filing, TT&C services, NOC Services and much more! CMT has open teleport sites that are fully functional, up and running, with plenty of space for antenna tracking systems. They provide a global network of fully equipped teleport facilities designed to support Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and their management has over 30 years of experience.

What’s unique about CMT? CMT provides FULL turnkey solutions and all sites are staffed by SeaTel factory certified LEO tracking antenna technicians. CMT offers 48 teleport sites around the world and lots of room for expanding networks. LEO Satellite operators can leverage significant reduction in capital expenditures by leasing space on CMT’s sites. CMT is a trusted provider of teleport hosting and services designed to solve the world’s toughest technical challenges!

From the beginning, CMT’s LEO teleport sites were designed and built specifically to meet the unique requirements for optimum performance and operation of a LEO network. As far as the products, the tracking systems are custom built to support any mission, big or small. CMT’s tracking systems are offered in various sizes with capital outlay expenses up to 90% LESS compared to other’s technology. Also, CMT’s pricing for leasing space on their sites is much lower than the competitors.

CMT has deployed large numbers of custom LEO Tracking Antennas for customers that include NASA, NOAA, US Navy, EPA, RBC Signals, Knight Sky, Tyvak, Globalstar, McMurdo, ExactEarth and others. This unique experience with LEO tracking antennas gives CMT a big advantage in reduced risk and cost saving starting day one of network deployment.

Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality and most flexible Teleport Services Agreements to LEO Network Operators.